"Warrior's Prayer"

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121-14 WARRIOR'S PRAYER $2850.jpg

"Warrior's Prayer"


Original Mixed Media Painting

by Jeff St. John

Canvas size: 24” x 12”

Frame size: 31 1 /2” x 19 1/2”

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A fresh new approach in depicting scenes from America's Western traditions.

Jeff St. John was born and raised in Texas, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Texas Tech University, and now resides in the heart of the beautiful Texas hill country. 

He expresses the very spirit of the Southwest in a rather unique, contemporary style of painting. Jeff loves to paint the everyday hard working cowboy as well as the intense character of the Native Americans. He draws the viewer in close enough to get emotionally involved with each and every piece. The rather clean, crisp, simplistic style that he paints in is simply "the way it comes out". Jeff had to convince himself to embrace it instead of fight it. Therefore, painting is the joy of his life and will continue as long as he can.