"First Place"

19-31 Eleanor Robertson %22First Place%22.JPG
19-31 Eleanor Robertson %22First Place%22.JPG

"First Place"


Original Oil Painting 

by Eleanor Roberts 

Canvas Size: 5 x 7 

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Although a multi-media artist, Eleanor prefers working with the deep, vibrant color of oil paint.  Being a native West Texan, she studies the natural beauty of the area, bringing it out vividly on canvas.  Blending a mixture of earth and sky into a harmonious setting, the finished product is both pleasing to the eye, and relaxing to the mind.

Intricate detail gives her paintings a bold, beautiful setting full of contrasts, while impressionistic backgrounds allow patrons to stroll down memory lane to other times and fonder places.

While studying under Ben Konis, William Earl, Ann Templeton, Howard Carr, Warren Taylor, and others, she developed a style all her own, a combination of the old masters and the new Southwest artists.

Eleanor maintains studios in Midland, Texas and Rudioso, New Mexico.  Her paintings are exhibited throughout Texas and New Mexico.