The son of a Navy career father, Leo Feeney moved around the United States frequently - from Key West, Florida as a child to Emmaus, Pennsylvania for high school graduation.

Leo met a silversmith teacher at the local community college and having a strong interest in this work, he became his apprentice. Leo learned many silversmith techniques and mostly designed contemporary jewelry styles.

In 1971, Leo met his wife, Emily, at Havasupai, Grand Canyon and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona to live in her hometown. This move inspired Leo to study different jewelry styles including the rich history of Native American design. 

He opened a store in a building owned by his father-in-law and began designing and selling Southwest jewelry. Leo is greatly influenced by Zuni Pueblo jewelry designs. He mixes precious and semi-precious stones to create unique and dazzling jewelry. His signature cluster style with many intricate stone settings is highly regarded.

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