Farrell Cockrum

An unrelenting passion of Farrell Cockrum's is to introduce the world to the Blackfeet People's traditions through his contemporary art.  Painting, sculpture and mixed media are some of Farrell's favorite tools of expression.

         Farrell has a profound respect for traditional forms and his need to create is driven by tradition, not restricted by it.  Farrell's dreams and his beliefs in the Creator inspire his uniquely personal creations.

          Farrell Cockrum is a contemporary Native American artist, of the Blackfeet Nation, currently residing in New Mexico.  Born and raised on the Blackfeet Reservation in Northern Montana, he has been deeply committed from childhood, both to his people and his work.

          In Santa Fe, Farrell was inspired by countless new influences and his considerable talents blossomed.  The result is his work is as innovative as it is purely native American.  In time, Farrell's work would change and become more aggressive, and color and more color would become his muse.  As an alumnus of Santa Fe's Institute of American Indian Arts, Farrell chose to remain in New Mexico for its continuing inspiration and renewing beauty.

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